postheadericon YES Seminar

YES, Young European Seminar, is the culmination and also a part of your exchange year. It represents the final stage of the exchange experience abroad for more than 400 students from Europe. YES is held near the lake Werbellinsee, not far from Berlin, lasts for almost a week and its’ purpose is to make the transition from the life in your host country and native country easier.

During the week, all the days and every minute of them are busy. Many free time, sport and other activities are organized, different workshops in big and small groups are held in order to help with the re-adjusting process and returning home.

Besides being very formal and useful, the seminar is also a lot of fun, interesting and full of positive emotions. Each night after a day full of activities a Disco is organized where participants of the seminar get to know each other.

At YES volunteers from Moldova also participate and they take care of the students from Moldova and accompany them on their way back to home.