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Former Moldovan inbound students about Moldova:

Ann-Marii from Estonia – “Before my exchange year I didn't know much of my future host country. I didn't have any expectations. But after my exchange year I can say that Moldova will be always in my heart. I love the way how Moldovans respect their culture and traditions, how they take care of each other. Family and home are the most important things in life. I really miss my family and I want to dance hora!

Ellen from Germany – “I chose Moldova because I didn't know anything about it. In school we don't learn much about East Europe and a lot of the exchange students go to the USA. Bu t I wanted to see a completely different culture and Moldova’s seemed so lovely and full of traditions. After spending my exchange year in Moldova, I can say that Moldova is really something special and everyone were so friendly and helpful. It became my second home.


Felix from Germany – “When I decided to make an exchange-year I was sure that I want to go to Moldova. I really like the east-european culture and mentality and I wanted to become a part of it. I think I managed it because till now I have contact with my friends there. I really miss Moldova now and I want to come back as soon as possible. In my opinion the people in Moldova are so friendly, open-minded and open for new things. Everyone should have this experience there.




Sarina form Germany – “I wanted to see a country which is not so well known in our country and I really liked the story that was in the YFU magazine. Now I feel like having a new home, new friends and I love this country because of its beauty and its really very nice people.”






Megan from Germany – “At first I applied for Australia, USA, Estonia but after reading some information about Moldova I chose that country. And there aren't many people from Germany who want to go to Moldova. After my exchange year I realized how much Moldovan people and Moldovan life taught me. It's much more than just a wine producing country, I found true friends and had the greatest time of my life in Moldova. People made me feel so comfortable that I never got homesick and if I had the choice one more time I would definitely choose Moldova again!